About Tilottoma

We Have The Right Products to Fit Your Needs.

Tilottoma has been a consistent name for bringing out the utmost quality and reliability products that fit the customers' dreams like magic. The brand has survived with its head high achieving everything a brand dreams of, including customer trust to provide them the right Brand or Product. Our products are equally distinctive, and customers use them all around the world that have a taste for the best and want to make a move in the elites of society. 

From residential to commercial projects, Tilottoma is proud of being a part of numerous groundbreaking projects. Anything is not big or small for Tilottoma; every client matters, whether for singular or multiple needs. With responsible execution and changing customers' needs, Tilottoma always has an eye out to bring the country's best products, partnering up with numerous exotic brands from Asia, Europe, and American continents.

As we grow and our operations expand, we aim to diversify the products offered, exploring newer sides by implementing design and space.


When everyone was looking for opportunities to establish themselves, Tilottoma started its journey in the year 1983 with a few brands, when there were only a handful of suppliers in the country. As the business grew so did opportunities; thus, the brand expanded to Priotoma Bangla in 1987. Tilottoma always had an eye to stand out in the industry and took a step forward to create a premium sub-brand, Tiles World, which would only specialize in selling floorcare. Later in 1998 the brand officially became the distributor of TOTO, a world-famous Japanese Bathroom brand that started early 19th century. In 2010-11 Tilottoma associated the brand with Hafele and Grohe. Hafele is one of the leading kitchenware brands across the world and Grohe being a sanitaryware brand. In 2012 Tilottoma achieved another milestone when specialized stores sold the products offered by the brand. Later in 2015, the brand introduced its association with American Standard, a globally prestigious sanitary manufacturing company. 2016 Tilottoma started to shift its horizon out of Dhaka and opened the first branch outside the capital. 2017, Tilottoma introduced My Kitchen, an exclusive venture for all kitchen needs. Lastly, in 2019-20 Tilottoma expanded its services and launched its first exclusive outlet in Gulshan focusing on the standalone items. Furthermore, the brand got associated with names like Teka, Grass and Kessebohmer. Tilottoma is also planning to initiate their plan of manufacturing eco-friendly bricks by 2021. Apart from this, Tilottoma is recognized as an exclusive supplier for 50 hospital and hospitality projects, ten hospitals, more than 100 real estate projects, five schools, 15 industries and more than 15 shopping malls and convention centres.


  1. Customer Experience Here at Tilottoma we define the brand by customer experience, and the experience is defined by the employees.
  2. Collaboration & Partnership Great things are never done by an individual, but by a team of people. Tilottoma believes in partnering up with the global brands to provide an endless option for the customers to choose from.
  3. Continuous Improvement Improvement for Tilottoma means, doing something that we have never done before. Synchronizing with the society, valuing the norms, moving out of the comfort zone and pushing new limits.