Model: GCR 10044 24D B14 TBRC


Brand: TESY

The electric water heaters of the TESY Anticalc series have been developed for trouble-free, long-term and reliable operation in areas supplied with hard and highly mineralized and/or aggressive water. The Anticalc heating element works at low surface temperature, which limits the deposition of lime scale. The range offers models with storage capacity of 50 to 150 litres.

PISTON EFFECT  patented TESY technology for control of the speed of incoming water and increase of the hot water amount with up to 15%

INSUTECH - an in-house TESY innovative technology for highly efficient insulation and extremely low heat losses

No THERMAL BRIDGE  up to 16% lower electricity costs due to this innovative technology

DUAL DRY HEATING ELEMENT: Protection against limescale  Noiseless operation Easy maintenance  Two power settings


EXTENTED PRODUCT LIFE BOOST: ?urns on the second power setting of the heating element

CRYSTAL TECH - high-quality enamel coating for corrosion protection, a TESY innovation.

Plasma-arc welding of the water tank for extended useful life

Product Warranty: 5 Years

Made in Europe

Model: GCR 10044 24D B14 TBRC
Real Volume: 100 L
Rated power: 2400/1200 W
Energy class: C
Diameter: 440 mm
Heating time t 45K (15 - 60C)**80C:  2:10/4:20 h:min
Annual consumption of electricity AEC: 2756 kWh
Height: 0.998 m
Width: 0.440 m
Depth: 0.468 m
Load profile: L
V40: 142 L
Tout of the box: 60 C
MAX40: 170 L