Model: GCHL 303515 B12 TSRC


Brand: TESY

The TESY BiLight Horizontal range of electric hot water heaters has been developed in accordance with the highest European safety standards and quality requirements. This affordable range is developed for high quality design, horizontal mounting combined with a small price tag.

PISTON EFFECT patented TESY Ltd. technology for control of the speed of incoming water and increase of the hot water amount with up to 8.5%.

INSUTECH - an in-house TESY Ltd. innovative technology for highly efficient insulation and extremely low heat losses
BiLight innovative indication for easy and fast recognition of the work modes Electric on/off switch Anti-freeze innovative function for increased protection.

CRYSTAL TECH - high-quality enamel coating for corrosion protection, a TESY innovation.

Plasma-arc welding of the water tank for extended useful life.

No THERMAL BRIDGE up to 16% lower electricity costs due to this innovative technology

Product Warranty: Heating Element 02 Years and Tank 05 Years
Made in Europe

Model: GCHL 303515 B12 TSRC
Real Volume: 30 L
Rated power: 1500 W
Energy class: C
Diameter: 353 mm
Heating time t 45K (15 - 60C)**80C: 01 h 02min
Annual consumption of electricity AEC: 588 kWh
Height: 353 mm
Width: 566 mm
Depth: 380 mm
Load profile: S
V40: 37.3 L
Tout of the box: 70 C